Welcome to CalAIMH an Affiliate of the World Association for Infant Mental Health
The California Association for Infant Mental Health is committed to celebrating the diversity that makes California uniquely inspiring. Diversity in our professional community, by professional discipline, language capacity, region of the state, service delivery system and more, is a goal of CalAIMH. Our California families and children are as complex, extraordinary, and varied as our beautiful state. Just as every family should feel welcomed in infant and early childhood mental health service systems, CalAIMH strives to model inclusion such that all professionals feel welcomed, honored, and at home within the CalAIMH community.
In order to achieve the CalAIMH Vision “All children and families in California experience relational health, resilience and overall well-being”, we will need a passionate team of members eager to create sustainable change, participate in ongoing partnerships, and promote trans-disciplinary learning.
Are you hungry for systems change, motivated to see the best in yourself as well as the families you serve and ready to learn and grow with other like-minded professionals? If so, membership in an organization dedicated to healthy relationships is just a click away. We invite you not only to join but to get involved. Each of you has the potential to be a significant change agent in our state. We need all your voices!
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